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About Us

We specialize in Websites, Marketing, Logos, Domains, Emails, Hosting and much more.

We make great things happen.

Here at LegitDev we believe in personal customer service, while offering a premium website design service.

CMS - Content Management System

You have full access to the site to update & maintain it yourself if you wish.

Web Hosting

located in the heart of Silicon Valley the largest data center in San Jose, California we ensure your website will always be up-and-running.

Email & Marketing

We setup and manage all your email accounts eg. [email protected], [email protected]

We also cover all your marketing needs like Google and Facebook ads.

See What Set Us Appart

We value customer relationships and set out on a never ending journey with each and every client
Relationships like these allow us to get excited and inspire us to produce great work that is original, creative and that really goes above and beyond your expectations.


Quintin Frey

Founder of LegitDev, and programmer for over 12 years. 

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Web Design
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My Skill
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